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SYNAULIA: Sounds, Music and Dances
of Ancient Rome and the Antiquity

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Il Centro del Suono
(The Sound Center)

Il Centro del Suono departs as an association to gather and to coordinate the activity of Walter Maioli, Luce Maioli and Nathalie v. R. and the group SYNAULIA founded by them. Activity that so instituted it allows a best collaboration, already in progress, with about dozens of researchers, institutes, museums, artists, artisans, experts in various sectors, offering the possibility to realize particularly advanced and innovative projects.

Il Centro del Suono is constituted as a non-profit association, the proceeds of the activity are employed in the management of the collection of musical instruments, in the archive, the research, in the experimentation, the organization, in the assignment of cultural seeding, and now, with urgency, in the realization of a permanent center where to place the materials, to develop the activity and to conduct above all the projects those of high social value.

The center deals with the sound intended as primary source of the existence, of the music and of the silence as physiological and social human necessities whose base is the conscious listening.
Its areas of specialization are the origins and the developments of the sonorous communication, the acoustic ecology and the applications of the sounds to beneficent, cultural and humanitarian ends.
The purpose of the center is that to spread these thematic's operating as bridge between art and science, didactics and the performance arts.

The fields in which it operates are the research, the experimentation, the filing, the application and the diffusion, and the different interrelated disciplines and subjects involved among them: the naturalistic sciences, the zoosemiotic's, the acoustics, the psycobiology of the music, the philosophy, the ethnomusicology, the archaeology, the experimental archaeology, the paleorganology, the pedagogy, the therapy, the performing arts and the acoustic design, the computer science.

Il Centro del Suono disposes of:

A collection of more than thousand sonorous objects and musical instruments coming from the whole world.
Unique Instrumentaries of the different primitive peoples, of the prehistory, of the antiquity, for the sonorous therapy.
A didactic laboratory for the realization of sonorous objects and the art to them connected to them.
An archive of thousands of sonorous recordings of sounds of the nature, voices of the animals, songs and musical instruments of the primitive people, of the European and Italian popular traditions and of contemporary music.
A specialized library: sound, nature, paleorganology, prehistory, antiquity. With hundreds of connections.

We have sonorous houses where we practise and we demonstrate all the sounds and their generation.
We have harmonies that you don't possess, made of quarters of tone and small sonorous tones…
We have different musical instruments to you unknown, some of which they play more softly than yours and also bells and sonorities from the sweet and delicate sounds.
We have the possibility to allow the ear to listen more distant, we also have different artificial and extraordinary echoes….

Francis Bacon. 1624, The new Atlantide


The presentation of our activity, constitutes already by itself, an innovative cultural address, the thematic's treated by us mark the tendency, they provoke studies, researches, university thesis and prestigious scientific essays.
Many artists, musicians and also singers, are inspired to our jobs, famous characters have also been oriented, others copy without having a true competence and experience.
For these reasons we are not able in this site to deepen the subjects, because we don't want that so "subtle" matters treated by us in years of researches and work, are used indirectly, superficially and in the non correct way.

The Music therapy, currently diffused for such, it expresses only the 30% of the therapeutic possibilities of the sounds, and it is much the confusion in the sector.
The musical education is a disaster.
The cultural operators and the politicians are unprepared for a correct approach to the sonorous world in general. The managers and the technicians of the recording sector, of the production of musical instruments and electronic equipments, they don't express in full their possibilities, and they are stereotyped, while the musicians and the teachers are distracted.
The record industries (in 90%), they miss of research and quality, they keep on producing the same sonorities for decades, and they are together with the televisions (98%) and the radios (85%) the most greater responsible of a bad sonorous-musical education.

Il Centro del Suono in contact with researchers,
experts and international institutions can help you!

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