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SYNAULIA: Sounds, Music and Dances
of Ancient Rome and the Antiquity

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Luce Maioli  Cave of Toirano, 1986.

Luce Maioli

Artist, researcher,
plurinstrumentist, composer, dancer.

Instruments: tympanum, cymbalum, crotala, bucina, sirinx, oblique flute and double reed instruments, cithara, crepundia, tintinnabula, percussions and prehistoric wind instruments. Voice and recitation.

Since the youngest age plays the natural musical instruments of the prehistory and of the antiquity, winds and percussions. She realizes comparative and interdisciplinary researches on their diffusion, typology, function, techniques of use and symbolism; a research centered on the role of the feminine in the art, in the sonorous world and in the movement, mainly dealing herself with the musical instruments employed dancing.

Been born (in the '76) in Tuscany, in a house in the woods, she grows following the intense artistic activity of their parents (father paleorganologist, mother painter), following them in their numerous travels, coming in contact with different ethnic realities and their uses and customs. Above all the different music, dances and the "ritual theatre of the sounds" they develop a fundamental role in her formation.
1983 - with Cristina Svane American teacher of dance begins to practise the study of the movement, animal dances, primitive and inspire to the nature.
1985 - Learns and practises the musical instruments of the origins and actively participates in the hundred concerts, laboratories, animations and courses held by her father, Walter Maioli, among which: the researches and experimentations of the natural sounds and the prehistoric musical instruments in the caves of Toirano, and of Borgio Verezzi in Liguria. Radio program " Sonorous Exploration of the caves" realized by the Radio Dutch VPRO (June 85). Accompanies the concerts and the demonstrations of experimental archaeology employing the prehistoric musical instruments introduced to the Symposium of Archaeology to Amsterdam (nov.' 86) to the Museum of Leiden and for the inauguration of the Museon of Den Haag, for twenty years to the symposia on the Prehistoric art in Val Camonica, the activities of the Natural Art Laboratory in the park of the Ticino (MI), to the Pfahlbauland in Zurich, to the palafittes of Fiavè (Tr), to the Bridge of Veja in Verona and for different years in the caves of Toirano in Liguria.
She deepens the studies and the practices on the origins of the dance, prehistoric dances, animals movements, primitive dances and with the employment of musical instruments.

1991 - with Walter Maioli founds the group "Art Primitive Sound" recording the CD "Musical Instruments from Prehistory - The Paleolithic."
1991/92 - Develops performances of prehistoric music inside the prehistoric caves of Toirano in Liguria, to Narce in the Valley of the Treja, to the Palafittes of Fiavè (Tr) and to Luine, Boario.
1993 - Participates to the installation Fort Klank for the conservatory of Den Haag in Holland where she plays and dances with the group Papua Sampari.
1994/95 - She works in the park of experimental archaeology Archeon in Alphen a/d Rijn in Holland, where she conducts laboratories on the prehistoric musical instruments for children, develops and coordinates the daily performances of prehistoric and Roman music and dance. Participates to the realization of the CD "200.000 Jaar Muziek" 200.000 years in Music.
1995/2006 - together with Walter Maioli and Nathalie van Ravenstein founds the project SYNAULIA music's of ancient Rome, with which records the CD's SYNAULIA and realizes an intense activity of researches and international concerts participating in dozens of demonstrations of experimental archaeology developed in Holland, in the park Archeon, in the museums of Leiden and Amsterdam, in Germany, in the museums and in the amphitheaters of Munchen, Trier, Xanten, Aalen, Berlin, Bonn. Participates in prestigious reviews of classical music and develops concerts in museum environments and archaeological sites in the different Italian cities. Concerts and performances in particular places as the Mausoleum of August, the Traianus Markets, the Thermal baths of Diocleziano, Ostia Antica, Preneste.
1998 - In the role of fairy musician-dancer participates in the Film "A Midnight Summers Dream" by Michael Hoffman, with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kevin Kline.

1999/2004 with SYNAULIA and with Archeosonus works in three prestigious performances of Giorgio Albertazzi, “Around Dante”, “Eros I want to sing” and “Mami, Pappi and Sirens in Great Greece”, shooted at the Theater in Pompeii for "History of the Italian Theater" of Albertazzi and Fo transmitted by RAI 2.

It is between the founders and conductors of The Soundcenter, Il Centro del Suono.